See Things No One Else Can See

The Legend of Mad Master Kureiji and His Mystical Mad Honey

You might think you know the story of Mad Master Kureiji, but you’ve never heard the truth. His tale is stranger than any fiction you may have heard, and his discovery is more fantastical than anything you could imagine. His experiments with the arcane — the raw magical energies that concentrate at the top of the world — birthed a potion so powerful, its guardians chose to keep it hidden. Safely nestled at the highest point of the tallest mountain, in the heart of Kureiji Temple, it’s waited, pulsing with energy, until humanity was ready.

You, my friend, live at a most exciting time in history. Myth and legend are giving way to an invigorating new reality. After thousands of years, Master Kureiji is awakening from his slumber. The doors to his temple, built into a cliffside hundreds of feet above the ground, have blown open, releasing swirling energies that transform the landscape. Vast fields of exotic flowers spread out in all directions, washing the hillsides in blazing color. Mystical insects pour from the opening — giant bees under thrall to Kureiji’s will — carried on the wings of ancient magic to gather the raw materials needed to bring the Master’s creation to the masses.

Mystics, madmen, and even the gods themselves have sought Kureiji’s Mad Buzz Honey. Soon his tantalizing concoction can be yours. One shot of this special honey, and the blinders will fly from your eyes. You’ll see things no one else can see. You’ll do things no one else can do. You’ll feel powerful energies rippling through your awareness. Stress and worry will vanish, pain will melt away, and the barriers that hold you back will come crashing down.

It’s an energy pouch, but it’s so much more. To understand the truth behind the legends, we need to peer back through the mists of time, up into the dizzying reaches of the Himalayan mountains, across treacherous terrain and vast distances, to the moment that Mad Master Kureiji made his discovery.

Make sure to use the bathroom before we leave. It’s going to be a long trip.

When the Mountains Were at War

Some unknown thousands of years ago, the Himalayas were the battleground of the gods. Powers and principalities forgotten in the modern world once vied for control of this most mystical region.

Their playthings were the Five Clans, local tribes led by powerful warlords. Left to their own devices, these groups would have lived in peace, content to farm their patches and live their lives. But dark powers swirled at the edge of the world, and their interference in the matters of men caused great suffering.

Brother fought brothers. Sisters fought sisters. Mountain goats probably fought mountain goats. It was a very confusing time, and many lives were lost with no hope for an end to the violence. Allegiances shifted across the landscape as the Old Ones pulled the strings, exploiting the subtle magics the bubbled just below the surface of reality. All was pain, hardship, and misery.

Into this desperate world, Mad Master Kureiji was born.

The Sorceror Rises

The Master’s childhood was uneventful. Save for the constant fighting, demon dodging, and countless hours of magical training, one might say his boyhood was idyllic. But as he emerged from his teens into adulthood, his life took an unexpected turn.

One morning, while scrabbling across a cliffside to avoid a roving band of demon hunters, Kureiji discovered a deep fissure in the rock. Emerging from this crack, as if pulling sustenance from the air itself, was a deeply beautiful crimson flower. It was unlike anything he had ever seen. It seemed to glow, vibrating with a palpable energy that whispered at the back of Kureiji’s mind. He felt a potent life force pulsing from deep inside that held secrets he couldn’t fathom. He knew he’d found something special, so he snatched it up at once, stuffing it into his sack for safekeeping.

Kureiji locked himself away from the world. The flower pushed him to decode its riddles. He worked tirelessly, night and day, sometimes without sleep, often without eating, driven by an insatiable hunger for knowledge.

Years went by. Warlords rose and fell. Dynasties grew and toppled. The darkness that fed their frenzies held them tightly under its control. Master Kureiji ignored it all, consumed by his work. At times he felt he might lose himself in his experiments. Many times he probably did, along with bits of his sanity (they don’t call him “mad” for nothing!)

The world felt as if it was about to come apart at the seams along with whatever remained of Kureiji’s wits. And then, one day, in a moment of inspiration, all of the swirling madness that threatened to destroy the world coalesced in a flash of insight. In that moment, Mad Master Kureiji felt clarity like he’d never experienced. The screaming passions that dogged his every minute went still, and he felt — happy. For the first time in a long time, he was ecstatic. A warm euphoria coursed through his mind, and every bit of the flower’s magical energies dug their fingers into his brain and twisted.

The world was changed forever.

Mad Buzz Energy Was Born

Kureiji emerged from his work for the first time in years, a jar of radiant honey dangling from his side. He’d fused the flower’s inscrutable energies with the four essential elements, Wind, Fire, and all that kind of thing, to create a pouch that revealed what couldn’t be seen before. Kureiji brought his honey to the heads of each of the Five Clans and let them view, for the first time, the dark entities that were playing at being human and driving chaos for their own amusement.

With their eyes opened and their senses heightened, the Five Clans stopped fighting each other, turning instead toward the Dark Ones, their common enemy. An optimistic clarity of purpose replaced fear and pain, and within the year, the Dark Ones lost their grip on this world and retreated into myth.

But they’re still there, pushing at the edge of our world, looking for tiny cracks to regain a foothold. This is why Mad Master Kureiji has returned. He’s bringing his original pouch, now called Mad Buzz, back to the mortal world to help each one of us battle our demons. He’s looking for heroes to take on the forces of darkness and drive them back into the shadows.

Are you one of the champions he seeks? Are you ready to take back your mind and discover the power of Mad Buzz Honey? When you can see things no one else can see and do things no one else can do, what will you do with that power?

Now is the time to find out. Throw back a Mad Buzz pouch and discover where it takes you. Mad Master Kureiji will keep his vigil forever, and you can join him.

The power of the Buzz is yours!